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What is a commission?
A commission is a hobbyhorse order on request. Hereby I make the hobbyhorse completely according to your wishes. I can recreate a real horse but you can also design your own dream hobbyhorse!

How do I order a commission?
To order a commission you can send an email to my
email address: State clearly what kind of hobbyhorse you have in mind. Preferably also add a photo or drawing. I will let you know if it is possible to have the desired hobbyhorse made by me and what the total price will be.

I currently do not have a waiting list for the commissions. The waiting list is not binding, when it is your turn but you are no longer interested you can cancel it. As soon as you have sended me a mail with your commission idea, I will put you on the waiting list.

How much does a hobbyhorse commission cost?
The price for a hobbyhorse commission is between €160 and €210. The price depends on, among other things, the difficulty of the horse, the length of the mane, the type of fabric and the size of any markings. For example, a spot horse costs more than a horse of one color. Tack can also be ordered from a hobbyhorse in consultation. 

Order conditions:
- If you are a minor, you need permission from your parents to place a commission.
- When the horse is ready, you have to pay within 5 days, otherwise the horse will be for sale.
- You have to be 100% sure from the start what kind of horse you want to order. You cannot change it after the order has been placed.

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