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How nice that you are taking a look at my website. At this website you will find the most beautiful handmade hobbyhorses, tack and also materials you can use to make your own tack!
In addition to a number of products, you will also find all the information about ordering a hobbyhorse according to your own wishes at the commission page.
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''I bought 4 horses from her and they are all amazing and really good quality! She is very nice and always responds quickly when you want to ask a question! She is just the best and I would not order from anyone else!''

About me

My name is Nathalie and I am 18 years old. In August 2019 I made my first hobbyhorse. Since then I have made and sold many horses and I got a lot of experience with making hobbyhorses. I am still trying to improve my hobbyhorses and tack and I am experimenting to make them better every time. This year I started with the study 'entrepreneurship and retail management'. I really like it this far and I hope I can apply the things I learn to my own business.

About hobbyhorsing

To explain what hobbyhorsing is, you can best compare it to stickhorse riding.
Most people think of young children hopping around the room with their stickhorse, but hobbyhorsing is much more than that!
With hobbyhorsing, teenagers ride their hobbyhorses and compete with them.
They do this in many different disciplines including jumping, dressage, cross, and western. To become good at hobbyist, they often train and some people can even jump over 1.40m obstacles! Dressage is also an art in itself, there must be done a lot of training to be able to perform all exercises in balance.

This sport originated in Finland, but it is now increasingly known worldwide. More and more people are trying out hobbyhorsing and buying their own hobbyhorse, or making one themselves.

There are many different components in this sport. This way, in addition to riding your hobbyhorse, you can also practice sewing and make your own hobbyhorse with tack. Children often enjoy transforming their room into a hobbyhorse stable and the garden turns into a jumping cours of chairs and broom handles. Teenagers sometimes organize their own competitions or hang out with a group of friends. Some also start selling their own handmade hobby horses and start a business.

All in all, hobbyhorsing is a great new sport!

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